Restaurant of the Merchant of the 1st Guild Nemchinov

Restaurant of the Merchant of the 1st Guild Nemchinov

The restaurant of the merchant of the 1st guild Ya.A. Nemchinov is located in the left wing of an old mansion that belonged to him in the XIX century. There is still an atmosphere of solemnity and consistency here.

The concept of the Restaurant menu is based on the Siberian merchant cuisine. Here, guests have a great opportunity to taste Siberian pickles, as well as fish and meat dishes prepared, including from Baikal delicacies and gifts of the taiga.

The menu is supplemented with items from European cuisine – classic salads "Caesar", "Olivier 1905", and others.

The bar menu offers a wide selection of fruit and berry teas, milkshakes, fresh drinks; there are also hot drinks, there is a separate wine list.

Advance reservation of a table/banquet is welcome by phone: +7 (950) 057-50-41

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In addition to accommodation in the historic Central Hotel, we are pleased to offer you the option of exclusive accommodation in a cozy wooden manor of the XIX century - a real monument of federal significance!